How Does Brighton Rank Among Nation's Wealthiest ZIP Codes?

Check out how Brighton zip codes compare to some of their neighbors.

new list from the Washington Post ranks Brighton's 48116 ZIP code as wealthier than many of the neighbors it borders.

"The ranks, ranging from 0 to 99, represent the average of each ZIP’s percentile rankings for median household income and for the share of adults with college degrees," reports the Post, which analyzed 2010 census data.

The 48116 ZIP code earned a rank of 79 — 41 percent of adults are college grads and the average household income is $72,453.

In the 48114 ZIP code, 39 percent of adults are college grads and the average household income is $85,674 for a ranking of 83.

How Brighton compares to its neighbors

Brighton is also close to several "Super ZIP," according to the Post. Super ZIPs rank 95 or higher.

According to the Post:

The growing number of people living in Super ZIPs here is redefining and reshaping the region, turning modest inner-suburb 
neighborhoods into upscale enclaves and outer-suburb farmland into sprawling housing developments, often gated.

Yet many who live in these rapidly evolving communities do not think of themselves as rich or elite. The cost of living, particularly for housing,
 eats up a large chunk of the two incomes it typically takes to afford a comfortable home in a good school district. 

Area Rankings

  • Howell (48855): 65
  • Howell/Hartland Township (48843): 68
  • Hartland (48353): 66
  • South Lyon (48178): 76
  • Fenton (48430): 67
  • Milford (48381): 79
  • Howell (48152): 75
  • Northville (48168): 96*
  • Novi (48374): 98*

*Indicates Super ZIP

To see the Washington Post map, click here.

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