Flu-Related Deaths Raise Concerns Among Brighton Residents

Two Fenton residents have died after experiencing flu-like symptoms in the last week.

Two recent deaths in Fenton linked to flu-related symptoms have Brighton area residents a little more on edge about the illness.

after being hospitalized with flu-like symptoms. Last week, Fenton resident and father of five Kirk Beauchamp, 44, died three days after becoming ill with flu symptoms.

Twenty-nine states, including Michigan, are now reporting high Influeza-like illness activity, according to the Center for Disease Control.

Flu season has hit hard and early this year. As of last week, 285 confirmed cases had been reported statewide, including three pediatric deaths, according to the Detroit Free Press.

"We had some early (outbreak) years in '03 and '07, but this is the earliest I can remember," Bob Swanson, director of the division of immunization at the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) told the Detroit Free Press.

Health officials have encouraged people to receive a flu shot, but some Brighton residents don't agree. Many Brighton Patch readers recently posted their opinions on the Brighton Patch Facebook Page.

Char Seagraves commented, "I never have nor have my children, we are rarely sick. I wouldnt put that stuff in my system at all, do you know whats in it?"

Anna Attard had a similar opinion.

"It makes you wonder how people of my generation (I'm in my 30's) ever survived childhood," she wrote. "We didn't have the flu shot and I don't remember there being a hysteria about the flu."

On the opposing of the conversation, Lisa Ladoski Jenkins said the recent deaths have her very concerned and that she would be taking her boys to get their shots on Wednesday.

Anna Attard said she believed sick kids should be kept at home.

"It would be nice if people kept themselves and their kids home when they are sick," she said. "I took my daughter to story time today, at Cromaine, and there were three children there who were obviously sick. One of the little boys told his mother he wasn't feeling well when she asked him. It's hard to keep my child well if she constantly exposed to children who's parents make stupid choices."

Find out where to get a flu shot in Brighton.

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Amy Maida January 11, 2013 at 12:36 PM
People are dying from bacterial pneumonia not "the flu" .We've had two very serious cases of pneumonia in our home... luckily the doctor correctly diagnosed my young sons.
Laura Jones January 11, 2013 at 06:26 PM
"It makes you wonder how people of my generation (I'm in my 30's) ever survived childhood," she wrote. "We didn't have the flu shot and I don't remember there being a hysteria about the flu." Golly. I'm in my late 40's and I remember people dying from it. Polio too. I also have a kid with autism. The hysteria about vaccines is without merit when it comes to those that prevent people from dying.
Kim January 11, 2013 at 11:03 PM
Everyone had their opinion on what to put in their families bodies. But even the Doctors, and schools tell you "your child can go to school with a cough,and runny nose (as long as it is not a specific color). If there is a fever absolutely not. Also jobs don't care if you are sick, in most cases. I just interviewed for a job, and the person said, "you work when sick, if you call off you are fired on the spot". So I do agree in some respect with not letting your kids go to school, or keeping them out of the public, but If it is a part of a cold that last a long time, then I for one am with the Doc and schools. Because I am not going to let my child miss a week or more of school when it is just a part of the common cold. I too am very scared about these deaths. Especially with my husband who has a war related medical condition. I am in fear for his health on a daily basis, and now this.


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