Have a Photo to Share? Help Us Fill Our Neighborhood Gallery

Upload your pics, then tell us in the caption who's doing what.

We've added some new features to Patch this week and encourage you to try them out.

Front and center is a new "Neighborhood Gallery" button that invites you to share your photos with Rochester Patch readers in a quick and easy way.

We receive countless emails with school, church and community event photos attached.  We admit it sometimes takes us too long to get to them, though we welcome all reader-submitted photos and news. 

But with the new Neighborhood Gallery, you'll be able to bypass our often-crowded inboxes and upload the photos onto Patch yourself.

After you click "Neighborhood Gallery" on the top of our home page, you'll see a  gallery of photos submitted by users like yourself. Click "upload photos and videos" and find your photos on your own computer. After you upload them, write a caption to tell us what's happening.

Then, email nicole.krawcke@patch.com to let us know that you added a photo to the gallery — and let us know what you think of the process.

The gallery will be prominently featured on all article pages, so all of Patch will see your news!


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