Livingston County Mourns Newtown Shootings With Vigil

Residents came together to mourn and prayer for the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary on Wednesday night.

On a quiet December evening, approximately 75 Hartland residents came together on the lawn of the Cromaine District Library to mourn the loss of the innocent lives lost during the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings.

"I just want to say to you, thank you for showing heart," Terry Prisk, pastor of The River Church said to the crowd on Wedesday. "It's good sometimes to just pause and say, what are we doing in this life?"

Performing during the vigil were Mary Jo Bell, Walter Johnston and Trey McLaughlin. Event organizers, Jenifer Thomas, Amy O'Dea and John Miller read the names of the 26 victims to the somber audience and then led them in a version of Silent Night.

"In the middle of this, there is a message of hope," Kelly Runion, pastor of 2/42 Community Church in Brighton said.

Calling the acts of Sandy Hook "pure evil" Runion addressed the crowd, saying that love will always win.

"Where the message of hope comes in the middle of all that evil is that it doesn't win," he said. "Evil ultimately loses."


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