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"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."    -Albert Einstein

What Einstein says is vital to your health.  One of the key things to help you become healthier is your mindset.  Healthy people think differently than sick people.  If you are suffering from headaches , fibromyalgia , neck pain , asthma , body aches, tremors or anything else, then your body is telling you that your mindset is not one of healing and health .  You suffer from sicking thinking:  thinking like a sick person.

The differences between how healthy people stay healthy and think vs how average sick people think are numerous and extreme.

Healthy people think that their body is supposed to heal –Average sick people feel that they need help to heal or that they don’t have time or energy to do healthy things.

On the other hand healthy people take responsibility for their health and well being. While average sick people always wait for someone else to help them feel better- which only keeps them sick-- healthy people take action and spend time solving problems.

Healthy people favor natural things and proper physiological function over "scientific" research done in a lab. Healthy people spend a lot of time looking into the future, setting goals and looking forward to what lies ahead. On the other hand average sick people dwell on the past that often holds them back by making them unhappy or depressed.

Unlike average sick people, healthy people maintain a logical relationship with nature viewing it as a tool that represents options and opportunities. Healthy people find a way to enjoy natural foods and treatments, whereas average sick people look at natural things as a laborious task.

Sick people will look for a quick fix or cover up drug or surgery as opposed to a healthy lifestyle change.

Average sick people set low expectations to avoid disappointment while healthy people set huge expectations and follow their dreams.

Average sick people believe you have to "get" something to be healthy and focus on immediate results, but healthy people continuously focus on bettering themselves and learn from success and failures.

Healthy people have no problem investing their own money on healthy things, whereas average sick folk follow only what their insurance will cover.

Healthy people adopt the attitude of following their body’s wants, so you can live every day. Sick people live beyond their body limits and push their body until it breaks down.

Healthy people teach their children how to be healthy -Average people teach their children how to survive.

Healthy people don't let symptoms stress them out, but average sick people do.

Healthy people would rather be educated than entertained. Average sick people surrender to the "experts". Giving up common sense for quick cures from outside themselves.

Healthy people surround themselves with like-minded people, but average sick people think healthy people are different and weird.

Healthy people focus on proper body function while average sick people focus on symptoms or being symptom free.

The main difference is that healthy people look to heal from within, doing everything they can to facilitate healing. On the other side is the sick person looking outside them self, giving someone else the responsibility to heal them.

Every doctor will tell you that "all healing comes from within the individual". That simple truth, can change a sick person into a healthy person.

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This was re-written from an article I read on the difference between rich people and poor people. I just changed the verbiage to apply to health care, to read the article click here .

Dr. Robert Moore practices at Awesome Chiropractic , located on the corner of Old US23 and Hyne Road in Brighton.  He employs specific upper cervical chiropractic techniques, along with the DREAM Principle to health, to help people get out of pain and restore health to their body.

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