New Brighton Studio Provides Yoga With a Twist

Bent Yoga is now open in Downtown Brighton, located at 111 St. Paul Street.

For years, yoga enthusiast Jenn Slis would drive up to an hour to places like Birmingham or Ann Arbor, rearranging her work schedule so she could attend certain types of yoga classes. 

"It became an addiction for me," the Hartland resident said with a laugh. "It's a way of live for me and it's a different mentality. It pretty much affects every part of my life."

Now, the passionate yogi is bringing her form of Vinyasa yoga to Downtown Brighton with the opening of her new studio, Bent Yoga.

Choosing to open in Brighton was partly for the location but mainly because of the "dedicated" people Slis said she already knew were willing to commute far distances for a such a specific type of yoga studio.

"I decided to bring the studio to them," she said. "This type of yoga just isn't found everywhere."

Bent Yoga, located at 111 St. Paul St., opened its doors on Jan. 5 and offers a Hot Vinyasa class and a beginner Slow Burn class at different times throughout the day.

It's a workout that, according to Slis, combines the benefits of regular yoga with a serious workout.

"Nowadays, people don't have a lot of time, so this also incorporates a great work out as well," she said. "There's an extra intensity to it, this pushing yourself to the edge and making your body work for it."

While the de-stressing, relaxation and quieting of the mind aspect is still present, Slis says the extra push classes at Bent Yoga gives will not only leave participants feeling refreshed but "worked-out" as well.

"It's just such a great workout and I walk away sore from it all the time," Slis said. 

Creating a judgement-free zone, Bent Yoga caters to experienced yogi's with their regular Hot Vinyasa class but encourages beginners or less advanced students to attend the Slow Burn class.

"Either way it's a very judgement free zone and we encourage everyone to listen to their bodies," she said. "Just close your eyes and pay attention to what your body needs."

Focusing her new studio to reflect her passion and way of life, Slis says she is excited with her location in Brighton, near to the Mill Pond gazebo, and says she hopes to eventually hold outdoor yoga classes, taking advantage of the beauty and all that the Brighton area has to offer.

"It's such a cute area," Slis said. "That Downtown area is so cute and I just want to get involved in it as much as I can."

Check out the Bent Yoga website for class information and updates. Currently the studio is running a new member special that includes five class for $35. For more information, call 248-491-8565 or "Like" the Facebook page.


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