New Brighton Gym Offers Unique Experience for Members

Experience Group Fitness and Sauna Club located at 8336 Hilton Rd. in Brighton.

With top-of-the-line fitness equipment and extra perks such as full spectrum infrared saunas and free childcare, a new Brighton gym is looking to enhance the fitness experience by creating an exclusive community for dedicated gym members.

Experience Group Fitness and Sauna Club located at 8336 Hilton Rd. in Brighton, is a co-ed facility which opened it's doors Jan. 1.

"This is a state of the art facility with all the latest and greatest equipment," manager Claire Joy said. "We want to make this club member exclusive so we will only be accepting 300 members."

The purpose to limiting their membership, according to Joy is to "create a community of like-minded individuals." The small number will also guarantee space in daily classes and no "waiting in line" for gym equipment.

"And with that exclusivity and by creating that community of like-minded individuals, they will all get know each other and we'll have periodic meet and greets and workshops and other things to help the members get to know each other," she said.

Spaces are filling fast, according to Joy, who said word of mouth has traveled quickly since the grand opening, drawing in new members on a regular basis.

Annual memberships are $75 a month and include free childcare, unlimited classes and 24-hour gym access. Members receive a free monthly sauna treatment also and sauna packages are also available for purchase.

Currently, Experience Fitness is offering a $10 drop-in fee for potential members. Interested parties will have the opportunity to try classes and receive a tour of the facility, according to Joy. However the offer is only available until the 300 spaces are filled

For more information or class schedules, visit their website www.experiencebrighton.com or Facebook page.


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