1-3 Inches of Snow Expected Friday in Brighton

The wintry weather is part of a widespread blanket of white set to fall in the Midwest this weekend.

Southeast Michigan—like much of the Midwest—can expect a fresh blanketing of snow Friday.

According to the National Weather Service, Brighton and surrounding areas can expect snowfall to start in the morning and continue into the afternoon, with a total accumulation of 1-3 inches expected.

The precipitation could continue Sunday, with a 60 percent chance of snow and sleet in the area that evening. Another 1-2 inches of precipitation are expected.

The wintry weather system is expected to sweep through the Midwest and head east over the weekend, adding to the tremendous Lake Effect snow seen in New York, Ohio and northern and western Michigan earlier this week.

The NWS reports, however, that though the snow will be widespread, it will be light. As such, it's unlikely that the snow will trigger a snow emergency in Brighton.


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