Brighton Robotics Finishes 22nd out of 40 Schools

Brighton Robotics Team Business Director Katelyn Dunaski reports from the FIRST Robotics Competition in Livonia over the weekend.

Competition started Thursday and our team was determined to do better then they did last week. We were able to engineer a more efficient arm, better capable of bringing the bridge down.

This arm was a breaking point for our team. It gave our robot independence when it came to crossing the bridge. Using this to our advantage, we were able to hold onto 5th place in the majority of the qualification rounds.

With 40 schools at the Livonia competition, it can be difficult to represent your school. However thankfully, we were able to proudly represent Brighton. Not only did we have flags and signs, but we brought along the Brighton Bulldog mascot suit and had various members of our team keeping our audience excited every time our robot entered the arena. 

Halfway through the day we switched from playing offense to a defensive position. This slightly harmed our game, and by the end of qualification rounds we were in 22nd place. We were not picked to be apart of the elimination rounds, but our team had a great over-all experience.  

In the end, our team was able to represent Brighton very well. This year Brighton's FIRST Robotics team had a season filled with fun. On top of that, our team learned a lot not only about technology, but we also learned a lot about team work and cooperation.

We are also proud to say that we have a new sponsor, . We would also like to thank all of our other sponsors; , , PTO, the Brighton Optimist Club, , , Pizza Island, , and BSPN. 

States will take place April 12-14. Brighton Robotics Senior Captain Bryan Essenmacher will attend to compete as a Dean's List finalist.


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