Last Blue Moon Until 2015 Visible Tonight

The rare occurrence corresponds with a private memorial ceremony for astronaut Neil Armstrong, who died Aug. 25 in Ohio at age 82.

The last blue moon until 2015 will appear in the night sky Friday, cosmically timed to correspond with a private memorial service for astronaut Neil Armstrong.

"A blue moon is (a) full moon that occurs as the second full moon in a given month," according to space.com. The first full moon this month was on Aug. 1, space.com says, and the next blue moon will occur in July 2015.

Whether stargazers in Metro Detroit will be able to see the display depends on Mother Nature. The forecast Friday is for a high of 94 degrees with sunny skies during the day, but with clouds expected at night, The National Weather Service says.

A private memorial service for Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, who died Aug. 25 in Ohio at age 82, will be held Friday, the Associated Press reports.

"Armstrong’s family has suggested paying tribute to him by looking at the moon and giving the astronaut a wink," according to the AP.


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