Meijer Skate Park Ice Rink Flooded; Set to Open Wednesday

The Brighton Area Fire Department flooded the rink Tuesday afternoon.

The second time's the charm - at least it is in the case of the ice rink at Meijer Skate Park.

The Brighton Area Fire Department was able to flood the rink Tuesday afternoon, after an unsuccessful previous attempt last month.

After the first attempt, SELCRA Director Derek Smith ordered a liner, which was shipped last week, in order to keep the water from escaping out of the sides of the wooden beams that make up the rink's construction.

SELCRA funded the construction cost of the rink through a BP Fueling Communities Grant it received through Corrigan Oil, which also covered the cost of purchasing a liner.

With the help of Get Plowed, a snow removal company in Brighton, the rink was plowed, the liner was laid and the fire department was able to flood the area.

Smith anticipates that the water will freeze overnight and SELCRA will be able to open the ice rink on Wednesday.

SELCRA will charge $3 for all day admission to the ice rink. All the proceeds will go to benefit the Meijer Park Reinvention plan. Hours of operation will vary, mostly weekday evenings and weekend afternoons.

In addition, each day will vary between open skating and drop-in hockey, according to Smith. 

For more information, visit SELCRA online at www.selcra.com.

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