Shoppers Hit the Streets in Brighton for Black Friday Deals

One family began camping out at the Brighton Best Buy on Wednesday morning.

Camping out on Black Friday has become sort of a tradition for the Prossen family from Perry. This year, the tradition began at the Brighton at 10 a.m. Wednesday morning.

"It's like tailgating," Tyler Prossen said. "We have our Thanksgiving on Friday, so it's not like we miss anything. We have the same thing, just a day later."

For the six years he has been camping for Black Friday, Prossen said he has always camped at Best Buy because it is the safest.

"It's just waiting," he said. "You get here, get your spot, and then they hand out tickets. So you get what you came here for and don't have to worry about getting trampled."

Prossen said his family first went to the Okemos Best Buy, but there were already six tents up. In Brighton — they were first.

"We've never been first before," he said. "Maybe we should quit while we're ahead. Every year, I say this is the last time."

Prossen had his two children, Haley, 9, and Jeff, 18, with him Wednesday. Haley said she wasn't big into camping and that she wasn't staying the whole time.

This year, Prossen said he was eyeing the 42-inch LCD TV and a laptop as a gift for his in-laws.

Brighton Best Buy employee Sarah Harris said it's not unusual for the store to have a line on Black Friday.

"The line usually wraps around the building," she said.

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