What Was Your Favorite Super Bowl Commerical?

Did you skip the commercials? Here's an easy way to catch up on those most talked about.

From the Taco Bell Viva Young to the Doritos Goat and Fashionista Daddy and Kia's Space Babies, the Super Bowl commercials offered plenty to talk about.

Like Jeep's "Whole Again" tribute to our military men and women and Dodge Ram's God Made a Farmer.

Even Go Daddy's Sexy/Smart commercial became a talker on Brighton Patch's Facebook page, though the majority of people wrote it was gross.

However, the 35 minute power outage could beat out the top commercials as most talked about after the Super Bowl this year.

Advertisers paid an average of $3.8 million for each 30 seconds of air time, according to USA Today.

You can re-watch some of the most popular commercials above.

What was your favorite commercial? Tell us why in the comments below.


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