New Women's Group Forming to Impact Local Charities in a Big Way

100 Women Who Care about Livingston County held an informational meeting Tuesday night.

According to Candye Hinton, 100 women can raise $10,000 in one hour.

That's the premise behind 100 Women Who Care About Livingston County - a new women's group dedicated to supporting local nonprofit organziations by combining donations to increase the impact.

100 Women Who Care was started in Jackson, Michigan, as a way to streamline the fundraising process for local charities and nonprofits. There are now chapters all over the country.

"I'm just basically importing it into Livingston County," Hinton said. "We are one of the most organized counties for nonproftis and volunteers and things like that. It just seemed to me the perfect fit, being able to streamline how they get the money. Many people are confused about who they should give to, or, because there are so many options, they don't do anything at all. And $100 doesn't impact an organization at all, but having everyone get together and give $100 each, makes a $10,000 impact."

How it works:

Hinton is encouraging as many women as possible to join the group. There is no limit to the number of women who can join, and Hinton said she is hoping for more than 100.

By joining the group, a woman is committing to to attending four, one-hour meetings a year and pledging to donate $100 per metting, or $400 per year.

At each meeting, every member will write down her go-to charity or nonprofit organization on a card. Three cards will be chosen and those three members will present a three to five minute presentation about that charity or organization.

Afterward, all members present will vote for which of the three charities they like best, with the understanding that the majority vote wins. Then each of the women will write a $100 check to the winning charity.

During the next meeting, Hinton will report how the organization spent the money, and the process will start over. If an organization wins during one quarter, it is ineligible to win again for the rest of the year to free up an opportunity for another charity to receive funds.

In order for an organization to be eligible to receive donations from 100 Women Who Care, it must promise to keep all of the donations in Livingston County and promise not to further solicit or share the names of 100 Women Who Care group members. 

Churches and fraternal organizations are not eligible to receive funds from 100 Women Who Care, though church sponsored charities are acceptable.

Who's joining?

The group is for all kinds of women, according to Hinton.

"It's for any woman in Livingston County - PTA moms, business women and more," she said.

Hinton held an informational meeting Tuesday night at the Lobby Bar in Crystal Gardens Banquet Center. About 30 women attended to find out more information about the group, and several joined on the spot - increasing membership to 31 women so far.

Nicole Matthews-Creech, LACASA community education director and volunteer coordinator, attended the meeting as a LACASA representative.

Although, LACASA is not on the approved nonprofit list, Matthews-Creech said it was on her to-do list.

"The concept is amazing," she said. "The great thing about this is that it's general funds. It's not something program-specific or grant-specific, so it can be used for whatever is needed at that time. I think so often, we're chasing grants and going after specific things, but nobody wants to fund a volunteer program or administrative costs. That's just not good money. That to me is the huge benefit."

Tracey Cholish, Assistant Director of Philanthropy at Gleaners Food Bank, said that $10,000 could help feed all of the Livingston County kids who receive free or reduced price lunches throughout the summer.

Marketing Manager Carol Taggart said she was torn at the meeting because she wants to represent the library, but also participate in the group.

Taggart filled out an application and turned it in, but also said she will most likely add Cromaine to the list of vetted charities.

"When our funds are limited, our reach isn't as far," she said. "So with $10,000 we could bring back things in the community to benefit Howell and Brighton as well as Hartland."

Taggart said she knows people are torn because there are so many choices on who to give to.

The first group meeting will be held May 8, from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at , on Grand River Avenue in Brighton.

For more information, Find 100 Women Who Care About Livingston County on Facebook, or visit www.100womenlivingstoncounty.org.

Mary Novak April 11, 2012 at 07:58 PM
What a wonderful turn out last night. What can $10,000 do for a local charity? Check out 100womenlivingstoncounty.org Thank you for this article!


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