Brighton Residents Resolve to be Better People Every Day of 2013

New year’s resolution are unpopular this year, but residents are making positive changes.

The majority of people we spoke to over the last few days don’t plan to make new year’s resolutions.

“My resolution is to not make resolutions,” Brighton resident Katie Cavasin said.

Similarly, Trish Kilbane told us on the Brighton Patch Facebook Page that she has learned that “resolutions are a recipe for failure.”

Cavasin’s and Kilbane’s perspective were echoed by Andrew Pope, a Drexel University junior home for the holidays. “They fail more often than not,” he said. “But I guess they are a good jumping off point for some people.”

Pope was quick to point out, however, that he believes in personal growth. “I’m always working on something. Right now, I’m focused on time management,” he said.

When asked if there’s anything that helps keep his goal in sight, Pope credited his girlfriend. “She helps me stay organized,” he said.

Pope isn’t the only who’s relying on teamwork. We spoke to some residents whose resolutions involve a  support system.  Brighton resident Daniel Dowd, for one, has his family on his side.

“My wife hasn’t smoked a cigarette in 11 days,” he said. “If she makes it to New Year’s, I told her I’d quit, too.”

Their daughter, Brenna Dowd, is on board, too. She’s not a smoker, but she plans to exercise more to help distract her parents when nicotine cravings arise.

“I want to get back in shape, and it’s a way to support them,” Brenna said, adding that he hopes her brother is next.

Echoing the sentiments of many parents, Annette Dowd suggested a different resolution for her daughter: “How about no talking back and being respectful to your parents?”

Daniel Dowd’s brother, Paul Dowd, doesn’t have a New Year’s resolution because they’re “too cliché.” But that isn’t to say he isn’t trying to improve. In fact, his life is currently defined by efforts to make personal changes.

A few months back, Dowd was sitting in his car about to go into a store when he had a revelation.

“Something inside told me it was time for a change,” he said. “I’ve tried to put a date on it before. But that doesn’t work. You have to be ready.”

Louis Bruno agrees. “Change requires a deep down awakening. Until that happens, dates and plans are pointless,” he said.

Bruno, who recently lost over 100 pounds, is now winning a decades-long battle against food, drug, and alcohol addiction.

“All I’ve got is today and whatever I make today out of,” he said. “If I wait until a specific date to make changes, all I’m doing is training myself to put it off.”


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