Ask the Trainer on Patch

Have you met local trainer Lori Murphy? Catch up on some of her most popular blogs on Patch.

Lori Murphy, owner and fitness trainer at My Stronger Self, has been a regular blogger and contributer on Patch for many months.

Each week, she shares fitness tips to help achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle while teaching and running her own local gym.

If you have missed her past blog posts, catch up on the Top Five most popular and remember to look for her future posts every Tuesday.

  1. Ask the Trainer Tuesday: I Wanna Nice Butt!
  2. Ask the Trainer Tuesday: Exercises for Travelers
  3. 6 Reasons Why Weight Training Must Be a Priority
  4. Making the Most of Your Treadmill Workout
  5. Making Time for Exercise

If you have any questions for Murphy, leave a comment here or contact her at 810-923-4585.


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