Talk About Town: Are We Doing Enough to Keep Our Communities Safe Against K2?

What issues do you want addressed at an upcoming synthetic drug conference and community session on August 9?

When Livingston County officials declared , also known as Spice, K2, LOL, OMG and Bath Salts, an imminent health danger and issued an emergency order , many parents and community members gave a sigh of relief.

The issue of synthetic drug use and addiction, however, has not gone away. According to Scott Masi, an outreach and referral specialist for the Brighton Center for Recovery, the recovery center so far hasn't seen any decrease in synthetic use but are seeing more deceptive behavior from their patients.

"We're in a perfect storm," Masi said. "The potency of these products, availability, undetectable, unsuspecting youth– and what's happening is this is leading to a collasping time frame of addiction."

Masi says many families are in shock when they bring their children in for help because the addiction "happened right under them and so quickly" and says that right now "it's all about preventative education."

On August 9, the Brighton Center for Recovery will be offering a day long training for professionals followed by a community information session. Masi said he expects around 200 people so far and that Hartland Schools will be represented at the forum with 8 students scheduled to attend the event.

Hartland Patch wants to know, what issues or questions do you think need to be addressed during the forum? How can communties work to keep their family members safe even after the ban?

Tell us in comments.

In this Thursday morning feature, we want to hear your opinions about certain topics making headlines. We'll be looking for your feedback in the comment section weekly. And we want to know what the Talk About Town is in your circles. Email Tatum at tatum.ryan@patch.com and it could be a topic of a future Talk About Town.

Kelly August 02, 2012 at 10:47 AM
I would suggest that you have the Community Parent Organization come present the "Chasing the Dragon" program to the kids sometime this coming school year. earlier than later. They have had tremendous success talking in numerous public schools and have a great group of people including local law inforcement, church leaders, parents who have lost kids to drugs, inmates, and others with great testimonies, etc. Keeping drugs out is important but hitting the kids on the dangers is even better. We all know that it doesn't take much effort to get something they want even if it's not sold in this area.


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