Talk About Town: What's Your Driving Pet Peeve?

What is one thing that other drivers do, or don't do, that really irks you?

With the recent bout of bad weather, the complaints about drivers have been rolling in.

Whether it's driving through a dense fog without your headlights, talking on the phone while driving or driving too fast/slow for road conditions, Patch wants to know.

On the Brighton Patch Facebook page, readers were already sounding off about drivers who don't use headlights when driving through fog.

MaryBeth Potrykus wrote, "Do some drivers believe blinkers are optional in their vehicle? Also, since it's been so foggy, drivers must have their headlights on. It is important for other drivers to see you."

Sharon Wolff commented, "Not knowing how to drive in a roundabout. Not that hard people."

So, tell us:

What is the one thing other drivers do that really irritates you?


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