Crime Report: Couple Attempts to Steal Video Games to Support Heroin Addiction

The following information was supplied by the Livingston County Sheriff's Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

On July 26, the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call from the regarding a reported case of retail fraud involving a male and female attempting to steal video games from the store, according to a police report.

Police said a Walmart employee provided them with information regarding the suspect’s car after the couple drove away and the information was used to track down the female suspect.

According to the report, police arrested the female suspect at her home on July 30. The 23-year-old Howell woman admitted to being stopped by a Walmart employee in the parking lot and returning the stolen video games, but said she refused to go back in the store when asked to do so by the Walmart staff. 

Police said the female suspect told police she had been trying to steal the video games to support her heroin addiction but refused to give any information regarding the male suspect she was with. According to the report, the suspect said she did not want the man to get in trouble.

Male suspect walks out with three Polo shirts 

On July 27, a female manager from the Polo store on Burkhart Rd reported that a male suspect had stolen three shirts, according to a report from the Livingston County sheriff’s department.

Police said the store manager recognized the suspect from other occasions and thought that he may have known a previous employee.

According to the report, the manager followed the suspect out to his car and provided the vehicle information to police. The car was a possible match for a stolen vehicle from South Lyon, according to police.


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