Livingston County's 10 Most Dangerous Intersections

Here are the intersections with the most car accidents in Livingston County.

What are the worst intersections in Livingston County?

It may not come as a surprise that East I-96 River Ramp at Grand River Avenue sees the most car accidents each year. But where else should you be extra cautious?

Here are the 10 intersections in the county with the highest number of accidents in the past five years, according to the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments(SEMCOG). Intersections are ranked by the number of reported crashes, which does not take into account traffic volume. Crashes reported occurred within 150 feet of the intersection. 

Rank Intersection Annual Average of Accidents from 2007-2011 1 E I 96/Grand River Ramp @ Grand River Ave W 38.2 2 Grand River Ave W @ Challis Rd N 25.2 3 Highland Rd @ Old US 23 N
23.8 4 Grand River Ave W @ Michigan Ave S
21.6 5 Grand River Ave E @ Old US 23 Hwy S
19.6 6 Grand River Ave E @ Main St
18.0 6 Grand River Rd E @ Catrell Dr 18.0 8 Grand River Rd E @ Latson Rd S 17.6 9 Grand River Ave W @ Walnut St N 17.4 10 Lee Rd @ Whitmore Lake Rd

The amount of car crashes in Livingston County has decreased since 2004. That year, 6,178 accidents were reported, while in 2011 there were 4,315, according to SEMCOG data. 

The percent of total crashes from 2007-2011 that have been fatal is just 0.3 percent. While 1.9 percent have yielded incapacitating injuries, 15.9 percent have caused injury and 82 percent caused only property damage, according to SEMCOG data. 

Do you agree with the data? Which intersection do you think is the worst?

Angela August 11, 2012 at 09:12 PM
In any event, it appears that avoiding Grand River is a sound plan!
Jess Carleton August 12, 2012 at 01:20 AM
I wouldn't have been suprised if Argentine and m-59 was in the top 10, seems like there is an accident in that intersection ever other time I drive by there.
Laura Bickel August 12, 2012 at 04:33 AM
Turning left anywhere along M59 is hazardous... :)
Cindy Meyer August 13, 2012 at 04:50 PM
There's some validity in what you say, but I don't think anyone should have to "practice" to do a merge properly. There are so many people who have no clue how to merge and that makes manuvering extremely dangerous and frustrating. Have you ever been behind an elderly driver? I can just imagine the panic on their faces as they try to figure it out. Also, the signage is very confusing. If we are going to have to keep these, then they need to revisit the situation, pretend they have never encountered this intersection before and make the signage appropriate for the "newbie".
eddy August 14, 2012 at 07:27 PM
I agree Barbara when i go to Costco and i have the round about to deal with i always wear depends!


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