Candidate Q&A: Mike Palmer for Brighton Township Trustee

Mike Palmer will make a bid for Brighton Township Trustee in November.

Mike Palmer is one of six candidates competing for the four open Trustee seats on the Brighton Township Board of Trustees. Continue following Brighton Patch this week for more Township Board of Trustees election coverage.


I am divorced and have three children, Lindsay, Abby and Jonathan. Most recently two grandchildren: Haley and Olivia.


I attended High School in Livonia where I grew up and graduated from Bentley High in 1970.                                                                                  


Veteran served in the United States Army (Honorable Discharge). Graduate of the police Academy 1977, police officer Green Oak Twp. Currently retired from General Motors 30 years, 1979-2009.

What groups/organizations are you involved with in the community?

I was elected to the Brighton City Council for two consecutive terms: 1989-1995. I was appointed by Brighton Township for two terms on the Fonda, Island Briggs Lake Joint Water Authority (board member, Vice Chairman and Chairman).

Why are you running for office and what relevant qualities/skills would you bring to the position?

I am running for Township Trustee for three simple reasons. The current leadership has failed the taxpayers of this community for lack of transparency, integrity and most importantly credibility by not allowing public input on issues that will impact Tax Payers for years to come. I bring my municipal experience as a former Brighton City Council Member as well as a Board member on the Water Authority and attending most of the Board of Trustees, Planning Commission and some utility meetings over the last several years.

What are the top three priority issues the Township Board should address and what actions would you, as an elected official, take to address them?

Priority issues now facing Brighton Township: (1) The sewer and water, both are insolvent the Township has been unable to meet the debt payments for years without loans from the general fund at 2 percent interest and they just keep kicking the can down the street with no policy or way to pay it back. The current unfunded liability is $8 to $10 million dollars. I am on the sewer and a voice that will be heard. (2) Restore the CALL TO THE PUBLIC at all meetings that this Board has eliminated in special meetings, extend the time when the public wishes to speak. By eliminating the last call to the public the Board has tried to muzzle the public. (3) Eliminate the excess fees paid to contractors/sub contractors such as Attorney, OHM, Kelly Services and to re-open the Township Hall during lunch hours 12:30-1:30 currently. The Township is to serve the people not make it convenient for Staff scheduling. (4) Have the Supervisor hold office hours rather than just sending e-mails for his $28,000.00 + a year job. Currently he has no set hours. Issues the Board should have been addressing is codification of the Ordinances, updating old and antiquated ordinances enforcement of the Ordinances the list goes on and on.

john ewing October 18, 2012 at 10:26 PM
Mike is exactly the type of Trustee required in Brighton Township: No Nonsense. I hope the people understand he is the only Trustee candidate who has attended every meeting for the last two years and has relentlessly challenged the corruption and failures of Tom Murphy and the recently departed (didn't want to be Murphy's fall-guy ?) Manager Dan Bishop. It's a shame Jim Kovitz decided not to run again - he was a force of good. Maybe Tom Murphy repels good people and attracts scoundrels. Michel looks like a buddy of Murphy who will continue the denials about illegal sewer billings. No opinion on Friske, but her non-party affiliation is a good start for what's required to clean-up the township hall. Slaton is the only Trustee with a voting record which shows a willingness to go against Murphy and his cronies. Lots of bad things have happened in Brighton Township the last several years but Slaton's voting record on the failed sewer and illegal sewer billings is admirable. Vote for the two Mikes: Palmer and Slaton, and leave the rest blank. That's what I will be doing. Friske probably a decent addition as a new voice and apparent independence. Lastly, vote for John Ewing as Supervisor...to Clean House and Send Murphy Back To Wayne County. John Ewing
Wesley Winnicki October 31, 2012 at 07:39 PM
John Ewing and Mike Palmer, Right Candidates for that position. Vote for John and Mike. I have already Done.


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