City of Brighton Barricades Unauthorized Driveway Off Main Street Near CSX Railroad Tracks

Buon Gusto owner Sal Viviano has lost access to the part of his building where his catering business is run, delivery drop offs and garbage pick-ups are made.

City of Brighton Department of Public Services workers installed a semi-permanent barricade on the driveway off Main Street, between the CSX Railroad tracks and Thursday afternoon - something of which the restaurant owner took exception.

Sal Viviano, owner of Buon Gusto, spoke during the City Council meeting Thursday night, saying the city did not give him any time to change his business operations after the city manager and attorney met with him Wednesday informing him of the city's intentions regarding the driveway.

Viviano will meet with an architect from Lindhout & Associates later this week to discuss new site plan options.

The driveway was installed several years ago by CSX Railroad without city approval or knowledge while doing work to improve the crossing on Main Street.

Motorists use that driveway to access a lot and park off street.Parking at the location is unauthorized by both the City and CSX Railroad, with the railroad often ticketing cars parked in the location.

The City of Brighton received legal advice from City Attorney Paul Burns that it would face liability exposure if the driveway was to remain open.

"The city is obligated to comply with road standards," Burns said. "The road standards do not allow for a curb cut that close to the railroad tracks so it becomes, even though we didn't approve it we condoned it over the years, a potential liability problem."

Viviano said the barrier was installed during his lunch rush Thursday afternoon and he was ordered to tell his customers to move their cars out of the parking lot.

"I cannot go inside of the restaurant and just tell everybody they have to move their cars out - that's not right," he said. "I'm paying city taxes and I was treated just like nobody."

Council members Shawn Pipoly and Jim Bohn said the city informed both Buon Gusto and the Brighton Lions Club of the issue with the driveway when it was brought to council's attention almost two years ago.

"As far as I'm aware as a City Council member, you and the Lions Club were aware of this a year and a half ago, but nobody has taken any action to rectify your own situation," Pipoly told Viviano. "We've already given a year and a half, close to two years."

Viviano also said he has no access to his back door - from which he runs his catering business. His garbage pickup is also now cut off.

Viviano will be sitting down with city staff members to work out a solution to the problem at the direction of City Council members.

Foster said the barricades are a temporary fixture and hopes to return with bids to install a new curb at the next City Council meeting.


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