Cromaine District Library Board of Trustees Candidate Brief Biographies

Four candidates will be on the November ballot for board positions for the Cromaine District Library.

By Ceci Marlow

Paul Black

More than 14 year resident of Brighton Township, Mr. Black returned to the Cromaine Board of Trustees by appointment in August 2011. (He filled the term of Christina Maunder when she resigned due to leaving the district.)

Paul’s public service experience, in addition to previously serving on Cromaine’s board from July 2002 to October 2007, was the City of Novi Public Library Board, the City of Novi Stormwater Management Committee. He is retired from his profession of property management.

He is an active election worker. His children are grown and on their own. On the current board, Mr. Black is a member of the Community Relations Committee and the Planning and Evaluaton Committee.

Mary Cafmeyer

Ms Cafmeyer is a 12-year resident of the Tyrone Township portion of the library district. She was appointed to the Cromaine Board of Trustees in August 2010. (She filled a trustee vacancy not satisfied by a write-in or elected candidate in the May 2010 election.)

Mary had no prior civic board experience. Her experience includes many years of planning, budget, and management activities. At the time of appointment, she had retired from 24 years in the automotive business. She has since returned to full-time work in the field once again. She has two children—one in college and one in the Hartland Consolidated Schools. On the current board, Ms. Cafmeyer is the Board Secretary and chair of the Community Relations Committee.

Julianne Chapman

Ms. Chapman is a write-in candidate for the November 6, 2012 election as Library Board Trustee. She is a resident of Brighton Township for nearly two years. Julianne has no prior civic board experience. Her experience includes many years of budget and human resources management. She is currently employed with Citizens Insurance. She has an elementary age child in the Hartland Consolidated Schools.

Douglas Sargent

Mr. Sargent is a 13-year resident of Hartland Township. He was appointed to the Cromaine Board of Trustees October 2010. (He filled the term of Robert Lammers when he resigned due to leaving the district.) Doug had no prior civic board experience. His work experience included extensive management and budget.

At time of appointment, he had retired from a 30-year career with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan. Mr. Sargent is a member of the Personnel Committee and Community Relations Committee.


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