Who's Running For Office in November?

Brighton Board of Education President Cheryl Leach will not seek office again. Residents will vote on two school board seats during the November general election.

The primaries are over, which means local, state and national candidates are working full steam-ahead for the November general election.

We know who will be on the ballot for various state and regional elections, but many local races didn't make it onto last week's primary ballot. The deadline for township and school board candidates to file was 4 p.m. Tuesday, so who's in the running this fall?

Brighton Area Schools

Brighton Area Schools Board of Education President Cheryl Leach will not seek re-election this year.

Leach said now was the time to resign, as she has spent the last 24 years of her life attending board meetings - some during her time on the Brighton School Board and some during her time as superintendent of Clarenceville School District in Livonia.

"I feel there are many people that are qualified to take over plus we've done so many things," Leach said. "I feel that the district is now in good hands with Dr. Gray in the Superintendent's chair and he's brought together a great administrative team. We're turning the district around financially - we're climbing out of the debt that was left to us and we just passed the bond."

Leach said she plans to travel with her husband for work, with whom she owns a medical billing and coding company.

Here are the candidates seeking election to the Board of Education in November:

Jay Krause

  • Incumbent
  • Currently serving as the board's treasurer
  • Brighton resident

Nick Fiani

  • Challenger

Ken Stahl

  • Challenger

Keith Van Hentenryck

  • Challenger

Brighton Township

All Brighton Township Board of Trustees offices are up for election in November. Trustees John Rogers and Jim Kovitz will not seek re-election.


  • , Republican (Incumbent, current Supervisor)
  • John Ewing, No party affiliate


  • , Republican (Incumbent, current Trustee)
  • , Republican (Incumbent, current Trustee)
  • Lucille Weaire, Republican (Former Township Deputy Clerk)
  • Patrick Michel, Republican
  • Katheryne Friske, No party affiliate
  • Mike Palmer, No party affiliate

Brighton Township Clerk Ann Bollin and Treasurer Lana Theis are both running for their respective offices uncontested.

Make sure to visit Brighton 2012 Elections for a look at who is looking to represent Brighton in Livingston County, Lansing and Washington D.C.

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