Brighton Area Schools Administrators Cut Own Pay

School officials are taking a pay decrease as well as paying more into their health care costs.

The top three administrators will cut their pay by 7 percent from last year and pay 15 percent towards health insurance premiums, The Livingston Daily reported Tuesday.

Superintendent Greg Gray will have his pay reduced from $145,000 last year to $135,000 this year.

Maria Gistinger, assistant superintendent of finance, and Laura Surrey, assistant superintendent of instruction, will both have their pay reduced from $125,000 to $117,900.

Gray told Brighton Patch these pay reductions began July 1.

In addition, Gray said they are currently working on a contract with similar concessions for school principals and that he expects that to conclude within the next week or two.

"We're all a team," Gray said. "If one part of the organization has to give, then we all have to give."


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