Brighton Schools Hires New Scranton Middle School Principal

Mark Wilson will leave his current position as executive director of instruction at Farmington Public Schools.

After spending the last three years as the executive director of instruction at Farmingington Public Schools, Brighton resident Mark Wilson is leaving his inner office position to get back to the kids.

Wilson was recently hired by Brighton Area Schools as the new principal. He will replace administrator Debbie Higgins, who will be returning to the high school.

"In my current role, I don't interface with kids on a daily basis and that has been a real challenge for me," Wilson said. "I got into education to be with kids and work with kids - that's what I wanted to do. So in my principalship, I would see myself often in classrooms, working side by side with teachers and kids. I'm very much looking forward to interacting with students in the hallways and after-school activities. It's my belief that the principal of the school should get to know all of the kids and interact positively with kids on a daily basis. That is a hugely exciting part of what I want to do."

Wilson said another huge factor in his decision was the ability to live and work in the same community. He is also excited to be an administrator in a school his three children, currently in kindergarten, second and fourth grades at , will eventually attend.

Wilson said he and his family have become entrenched in the Brighton community during the past 13 years. His wife, Kristin, is a local vetrinarian, while Wilson coaches Southeastern Livingston County Recreation Authority (SELCRA) soccer and disc jockeys for WHMI Radio. Wilson was also part of the parent group Yes for BAS that for Brighton Area Schools.

"Brighton is really an up and coming district," Wilson said. "They're doing some extremely exciting things that just aren't happening in the more affluent districts, like the one I'm working in now."

The district received about 50 applicants for the administrative position, according to Brighton Superintendent Greg Gray.

In addition to his current position with Farmington Public Schools, Wilson was also the principal at Highland Middle School for seven years in the Huron Valley School District and has been a teacher at the middle school and high school levels.

"He was just the unanimous decision of the committee," Gray said about Wilson. "He talked about his ties to Brighton and long term plan for Scranton Middle School. He talked about the programming and interaction that he likes to do with kids and parents - all of the things that kind of fell in line with our mission and vision here at Brighton."

Wilson will receive $104,000 annually, the typical salary for middle school principals, according to Gray.

Wilson officially began work with Brighton Area Schools on Tuesday. He will continue to work for both Farmington Public Schools and Brighton through July 27, after which he will focus all his energies on his new position.


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