Huron Valley School Board President Announces New Committee

If you're interested in joining the district's Information & Technology Committee fill out and submit the form included in this article.

The following is a message from Huron Valley Schools School Board President Sean Carlson.

The Mission Statement of the Huron Valley School District is Inspiring and Building Futures, One Student at a Time.  As the School Board President there is no doubt there is an overall commitment and desire from administrators, teachers and staff to inspire and prepare students for the 21st century and also personalize programming as much as possible to meet the individualized needs of each Huron Valley student.

However, despite our intense dedication we need to ask ourselves are we closer or farther away from achieving our District’s Mission.  The focus of the last few years has been dealing with the constant cuts from Lansing and keeping Huron Valley operational so we could continue to stay in the business of building futures in public education.

It has been inspiring to witness the economical shared sacrifice and demonstration of commitment to every Huron Valley student by teachers, staff and administration.  We do appreciate their efforts. However, this is not the type of building and inspiring we intended in the creation of the District’s Mission Statement.  Solving these financial problems, although necessary, unfortunately has impacted our ability to stay focused on our mission. It might even be argued that these financial problems have pulled us farther away.  Regardless, the real focus now needs to be on what steps need to be taken in order to move us closer to our main mission in Huron Valley.

Therefore after consulting with the Board of Education members and the Superintendent,  I announced the formation of the Information & Technology Committee at the March 1st Board of Education meeting.  This committee will be an ad hoc committee comprised of parents, teachers, principals, central office administrators and board members. The specific purpose of the committee is to review, assess and recommend strategies to the Board of Education as to how to best leverage information and technology to meet the expectation of our District’s Mission of Inspiring and Building Futures, One Student at a Time.

The Committee will review the following categories and questions:

1.      Student Learning and Classroom Technology –  What are the characteristics of an effective digital learning environment (DLE)?  Do we have the right DLE technology in classrooms?  Are we providing effective digital learning environments (DLE) in all classrooms?  What do we need to do to inspire and enhance student learning in a DLE?

2.      Professional Development – Are we currently providing the needed IT professional development to teachers and administrators?  What are the key components of an effective professional development plan? What needs to be done in order to provide the needed IT professional development?

3.      IT Infrastructure – Does the District have the proper infrastructure? If not, what needs to happen?  Do we have the proper connectivity? What is our current plan? Does the plan need to be modified?

4.      Student Management System – How do we capture the necessary student data to personalize a student’s education? How do we leverage a student’s data to develop annual growth plans with parents, students, administrators and teachers?  How do we leverage a student’s collective data to build and inspire that student? How can we best share the data with teachers, administrators, parents and students? How do we improve data utilization to better chart, plan and intervene to meet the individual needs of students? How do we maximize the use of Pearson and Skyward to enhance student learning?

The committee will be comprised of 17 members:

  • 5 Parents (Highland, Commerce, Milford, White Lake & At Large)
  • 3 Teachers (HS, MS & Elem.)
  • 3 Principals (HS, MS and Elem.)
  • 3 Central Office Administrators (Sup’t., Deputy Sup’t. & IT Supervisor)
  • 3 Board Members (Carlson, Walsh & Long)

If you are a parent who is interested in supporting this initiative by being a committee member, please fill out the attached form and return it to us.

Thank you for your interest!

Sean Carlson

Huron Valley School Board President

j wamp April 27, 2012 at 10:53 PM
Either "comprising" or "composed of," NOT "comprised of."


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