Brighton's Awesome Chiropractic Pledges to Stay True to Its Name

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Awesome Chiropractic has been in Brighton since October 2012. Photo credit: Awesome Chiropractic
Awesome Chiropractic has been in Brighton since October 2012. Photo credit: Awesome Chiropractic
Dr. Robert Moore, an upper cervical specialist at Awesome Chiropractic, said his Brighton business started in October 2012.

He recently submitted information about the business to Patch. If you have a business and want to participate in Patch's Small Business Shout Out, you can fill out the online form.

How did your business get started? It all began in 1988 when I got relief from my asthma by going to a chiropractor. As a kid I suffered from spinal meningitis, double pneumonia, asthma, severe allergies and what I recognize now as a weakened immune system. I was the "sick kid" in the family. My sister introduced me to her chiropractor and it all began from there. Today, I have the honor of taking care of people with all kinds of health issues, pain and those who just want to stay healthy.

What services does your business provide? 
We believe that everyone has an inborn ability to heal. We find that tbe body uses the nervous system to control and coordinate every body function. If the nervous system is being choked off in the spine, that causes pain and suffering. As a chiropractor, it is my job to find that nerve interference and restore balance to a sick body. In our office we offer 3 types of care -- pain relief, rehabilitation and wellness. It is completely up to the patient to decide where they want to go. After all, it is your body.

What do you want your business to be best known for?
 We are best know for the way we adjust the neck. There is no bending or twisting of the neck. I have taken care of people with broken necks, people who have had spinal surgery, severe brain trauma, brain tumors, and some seriously sick people. We have tables specifically disigned to help people with all kinds of different issues. Tables that go up and down to help people with injuries. Tables wth that have break away pieces to help relax a pregnant woman. Tables that help us traction out a disc and relieve pain. Tables that allow us to adjust people with serious neck issues. Our office has been modernized to use digital x-rays and notes. This allows us the opportunity to have constant access to all your records. It also gives me the opportunity to consult with other physicians very quickly.

What's your most popular service? 
Our most popular service is how we adjust the neck without bending or twisting it. Check out the YouTube video.

Why did you choose the location that you did
Originally, my wife and I were looking into the Novi area. At least that is what we thought would be a good place. We prayed and prayed about it. Everytime we would find a place, it would fall through. We kept on praying. Then the landlord for my wife's business called and said that they had a spot for us. Apparently, God had a better plan than we did. So, here we are and we are loving it!

For more information, call 810-225-7246 or visit http://www.awesomedr.com


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