Photo Gallery: Brighton Roller Dollz Get Derby

Brighton Roller Dollz Intra-League teams competed against each other at the New Year Knock Down bout held at Rollerama II on Saturday.

The Brighton Roller Dollz filled parking to capacity Saturday night for the team's Intra-League New Year Knock Down bout.

Split into two teams, The Resolution Wreckers and Midnight Mayem, the Dollz competed against each other in an exhilarating fast scoring match.

Each team has four blockers and two jammers on the rink floor at a time. The blockers work to stop the opposing jammer from skating past while simultaneously trying to get their jammer through. Jammers don't score on the first pass, but score points for each pass after.

The Resolution Wreckers triumphed over their teammates, winning the bout 148-92.

Leading the Wreckers was Roller Dollz Jammer and MVP AlterKATE-shun, who scored 53 points by halftime. The Wreckers named team member B.A.B.S. the Bruiser as the night's MVP Blocker.

Midnight Mayhem's MVPs were Jammer Lost and Found and Blocker Bobbi Pro-Hurt.

The Dollz's next bout is Feb. 11 at 8 p.m. where they will once again compete within the team.


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