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I am a Senior at Saline High School, and live with my parents and my two dogs in the city of Saline. I played Freshman and JV baseball for Saline, took piano lessons for 8 years, and have been involved in the Drama Club for the last 2 years. I recently won the American Legion Oratorical Contest Zone and State competitions and represented the State of Michigan at the National Contest. I also attended the American Legion Boys State and Boys Nation programs, and interned in the State Legislature this past summer. As these activities suggest, I have an avid interest in government, politics, community organizing, and most of all, people.
Both of my parents immigrated from India in order to study and work in the United States, as well as in hopes of creating a life of opportunity for me. When they came here the American Dream was alive and well, and today I see it slipping away, not only from immigrants but from natural born citizens like myself. After years of hard work, my parents’ small business is struggling, as is my college fund. In essence, the desire to create a better life for myself and those around me is what has propelled my interest in politics. I feel that, although government cannot fix everything, it can be a means by which to create social change. Some of my particular areas of interest include health care, immigration, and education. As a child of two immigrants, I am sure it is clear why I have an interest in immigration. Yet, I also realize that their story would not have been possible without a solid and meaningful education. For this reason, I have assumed a leadership role in trying to help bring about education reform by founding and running STRIVE – Students Re-Investing in a Valuable Education. The group is designed to give students a voice in education because they are, after all, the reason our education system exists. The goal of this group is to get students from all walks of life involved in education reform and to present the concerns of students to teachers, administrators, school boards, and government officials. We hope that through grassroots organization we can help improve education in Washtenaw County and eventually throughout the state of Michigan.
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