Stacey Coffey
We believe in healing as a whole. As we grow, we elevate the spirit in new ways...expanding consciousness and creating a peaceful way to experience life.  When connecting to others who walk this same path, all manner of miracles occur... we shed heavy layers of tension, heal old wounds and the spirit can rise to greatness.
People ask me about the donation yoga classes, the shared class packages, borrowing mats and water and my answer is simple ----  When you see something that can be changed for the better, you need to do all that you can to change it.  Creating a yoga studio that is all welcoming, soul nurturing and consciousness expanding is a great honor and joy. The only way to have the world we want is to create it. We have yoga for everyone - no matter what your size, shape or strength. WDIV Winner of best yoga in all metro Detroit (2nd place) 2010. Comeon in, and see the difference
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