$9,064 Raised for 'Wake up Tommy' Campaign

Family and friends are raising money for Thomas Orndorff who remains in a coma after a Nov. 9 accident in Brighton.

An online campaign to raise money for Thomas Orndorff of Brighton, who remains in a coma after a serious car accident, continues to raise money for the family. 

The campaign hopes to raise $20,000 for Orndorf and his mother and has already raised more than $9,000.

Sara Faraj created the fundraiser on GoFundMe.com in November. The page continues to give updates regarding Orndorff's condition. Updated five days ago, the page reads:

"1. How is Thomas doing? 2. How are you doing?" These are the two most asked questions of my family as of late. They're also two of the hardest questions we've ever had to answer. Allow me to try, beginning with #2.

#2. Answering very generally on behalf of close friends and family, we're staying strong for Thomas and each other. Each bit of positive progression is accompanied by its sobering context. We each have our dark moments that only love or humor can illuminate. Sometimes we're moving minute by minute; others, we're moving hour by hour/day by day. We are filled with gratitude for all the support we're receiving. We, literally, would not have the luxury of remaining at Thomas's bedside without the help we continue to receive.

#1. I've seen the face of a warrior at battle. Thomas is slowly inching toward a waking state. On the spectrum consciousness, he vacillates between coma and minimally conscious. No longer on constant sedation, he experiences hourly bouts of PSH
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paroxysmal_sympathetic_hyperactivity). This may last weeks to months. The road ahead is long. It may be many weeks or months before Thomas will show us what he is (and we are) able to do. 

Stay strong. Stay optimistic. Remember to laugh. Thank you all. 


View the fundraiser online here. 


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