Viewfinder: Civil War Day at Scranton Middle School

Eighth Graders spent the day learning about the Civil War through demonstrations, displays and participation on May 6.

Civil War Day has been an annual tradition at for the eighth graders not participating in the class trip for almost 20 years, according to Principal Ken Hamman. 

This year, which marks the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, students participated in presentations given by volunteers throughout the school, such as square dancing, learning to communicate with signal flags, stenciling, learning about military life with a campsite and artillery demonstration, a concert by the 5th Michigan Regiment Band and classes about soldiers’ rations and civil war artifacts.

Eighth grader Drita Zuncaj, 14, was enthusiastic about the activities of the day when asked about the best part of the program.

“We got to play with the muskets,” she said.

Zach Martin, 14, talked about the square dance class as well as the Signal Flag class, adding, “It’s been very educational.”


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