No Shadow in Sight: Michigan's Groundhog Calls Early Spring

The Howell Conference & Nature Center celebrated Woody's 15th Annual prediction as Michigan's Official Groundhog.

Woody, Michigan's Official Groundhog who calls the Howell Conference and Nature Center home, predicted an early spring on Saturday morning, according to Livingston Daily.

Woody, unlike her chief rival Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania, admits when she errs – which has only been four times. According to Howell Nature Center Director Dana DeBenham, she has correctly made 10 out of 14 predictions.

For the second year running, Woody predicted an early spring, which means she stayed outside of her den at the nature center for at least 30 seconds Saturday morning.

And this year, Phil seems to agree with her.

However, the rodent meteorologists might have lost their edge, as wind chill factors have been below zero and lake effect snow showers have caused numerous accidents on roadways in the past two weeks.

Woody came to live at the nature center 15 years ago, when she was less than a year old after a local farmer shot her mother, according to DeBenham. She has been making Groundhog Day predictions ever since.


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