Local Women's Charity Presents $9,100 to The Connection Youth Services

100 Women Who Care About Livingston County presented its second fundraising check last week.

Even though it's a fairly new group - - 100 Women Who Care About Livingston County have already raised thousands of dollars for local charities.

Julie Fischer, Contribution Coordinator of 100 Women Who Care Livingston County, presented a check in the amount of $9,100 to Angela Parth, Director of Livingston Family Center and Matthew Curnalia, Case Manager, of The Connection Youth Services last week.

The Livingston Family Center will use the funds to provide counseling services to assist The Connection Youth Services’ Youth Council with their “Make a Connection” project. The Council’s “Make a Connection” project gives funds to youth in need of medical care (eye glasses, dental work), books for college, new clothes for employment, gas cards, etc. Youth submit an application to the council for assistance, the council reviews the request, and they choose (based on their funding) what applications to fund. The Youth Council is also in the process of making The Connection Youth Services’ Drop-In Center more youth friendly so they can host more events.

100 Women Who Care about Livingston County next meets on Nov. 6 . During that meeting, Matthew Curnalia will present the women with a detailed account of how the money they donated was spent. Then the women will move forward to choose a new charity

100 Women Who Care Livingston County is a new resource in which charities that meet certain criteria can be eligible to be awarded up to $10,000. 100 Women's goal is to have 100 women meet for one hour four times a year and raise $10,000 for one local non-profit organization in Livingston County. 100 Women is looking for new members. To learn more about this organization go to www.100womenlivingstoncounty.org


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