What Wine Should You Buy for Thanksgiving Dinner?

The Wooden Spoon offers wine suggestions to compliment the perfect Thanksgiving Dinner.

Thanksgiving means turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie and other great things to eat.

All that good food deserves something good to drink.

Not everybody can be a wine expert, and that's where The Wooden Spoon General Manager Scott Wallace steps in to offer his expertise in selecting the perfect wine to compliment all the different flavors that encompass such a big meal.

Wallace said in putting together his wine suggestions, he tried to pair like flavors.

"You want the weight to be about the same and to be careful of tannin (dryness in wine that comes from barrel aging or skin contact depending on the wine-making process)," he said. "Tannin loves fat and turkey does not have a lot of fat, so you don't want something with too much tannin.

Some of more popular wines like Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon can be too  overpowering to where you're really not going to taste those flavors," Wallace said. "You want something that's a little leaner that's going to compliment all those flavors. You want to have wines that have a richness, but not be overtly dry. If it's too dry, it won't taste right - it will taste bitter instead working harmoniously because there's not enough acidity to substantiate it. That's what is really important."

The Wooden Spoon Holiday Wine Choices:

  1. Gregory Graham Dry Reisling 2008, Lake County
  2. Helfrich Pinot Gris 2008, Alsace
  3. Home Grown Barbera 2011, California
  4. Antonio Sanguineti Chianti 2008, Tuscany
  5. Dante Robino Syrah 2009, Mendoza
  6. Outcast Cabernet Sauvignon 2007, Paso Robles

Wallace said his personal choice as a standout above all the others is the Home Grown Barbera (No. 3).

"The Home Grown Barbera just really encompasses that I think of when I think of (traditional) Thanksgiving dinner," he said. "The Barbera features a nice high acidity that will work along side something with equal acidity - like cranberry sauce. But it's got a real nice structure flavor too that's going to compliment roast turkey."

The Barbera sells for $15/bottle or $264/case at The Wooden Spoon. There is limited availability currently. Those wishing to order wines should contact Wallace at The Wooden Spoon at 810-588-4386 in order to ensure delivery in time for the holiday.

Where to Buy Wine for Thanksgiving in Brighton

  • The Wooden Spoon
  • Main Street Cheese Market
  • The Canopy Bottle & Gourmet Shoppe
  • The Beverage Cellar
  • Grand Mart
  • Brighton Market


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